Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2014


        We evaluate our investments and transactions to identify variable interest entities for which we are the primary beneficiary. We hold a variable interest in the following four joint ventures for which we are the primary beneficiary:

  • Rubicon LLC manufactures products for our Polyurethanes and Performance Products segments. The structure of the joint venture is such that the total equity investment at risk is not sufficient to permit the joint venture to finance its activities without additional financial support. By virtue of the operating agreement with this joint venture, we purchase a majority of the output, absorb a majority of the operating costs and provide a majority of the additional funding.

    Pacific Iron Products Sdn Bhd manufactures products for our Pigments segment. In this joint venture we supply all the raw materials through a fixed cost supply contract, operate the manufacturing facility and market the products of the joint venture to customers. Through a fixed price raw materials supply contract with the joint venture we are exposed to the risk related to the fluctuation of raw material pricing.

    Arabian Amines Company manufactures products for our Performance Products segment. As required in the operating agreement governing this joint venture, we purchase all of Arabian Amines Company's production and sell it to our customers. Substantially all of the joint venture's activities are conducted on our behalf.

    Sasol-Huntsman is our 50%-owned joint venture with Sasol that owns and operates a maleic anhydride facility in Moers, Germany. This joint venture manufactures products for our Performance Products segment. The joint venture uses our technology and expertise, and we bear a disproportionate amount of risk of loss due to a related-party loan to Sasol-Huntsman for which we bear the default risk.

        Creditors of these entities have no recourse to our general credit. As the primary beneficiary of these variable interest entities at September 30, 2014, the joint ventures' assets, liabilities and results of operations are included in our condensed consolidated financial statements (unaudited).

        The following table summarizes the carrying amount of our variable interest entities' assets and liabilities included in our condensed consolidated balance sheets (unaudited), before intercompany eliminations (dollars in millions):

  September 30,
  December 31,

Current assets

  $ 186   $ 147  

Property, plant and equipment, net

    343     369  

Other noncurrent assets

    68     76  

Deferred income taxes

    28     28  

Intangible assets

    17     17  


    15     16  

Total assets

  $ 657   $ 653  

Current liabilities

  $ 353   $ 330  

Long-term debt

    51     72  

Deferred income taxes

    9     9  

Other noncurrent liabilities

    32     45  

Total liabilities

  $ 445   $ 456